I will now actualy update my community! I noticed...there's a new member! Not quite sure I know who he is, but I've heard the name. I'm going to, first, bring the chipmunk army up to date, then the community. That is, if mom doesn't kick me off her computer first.

Random stuff...

I've come to this conclusion: hip hop is EVIL. The problem is, I can't remember my reason for thinking this...

The French did not come to America to get beaver skins to make hats. They used them to make their tipis, a girl in my world history class said so.

All the chicken is not zinc.

A quote in my planner from Jean-Jacques Bousseau, "The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." What if I imagine boundaries?

The chipmunks are currently developing a freeze ray, soon they will be testing it on cats.

This sentence is untrue.

We were playing a game in my speech class where you get points in multiples of 10. One team had 31 points at the end of the game.

I answered a question out loud for the first time in my world history class this semester. I forgot to say half of what I meant to.

England is the best example of a joint-stock company. The beaver-skin tipis told me so.

There's a list of the presidents in my planner, and somebody scribbled out Bush's name and replaced it with monkey. I wonder who did that...

Every individual has the ability to learn. Many choose not to.

I want the double blubber!!!

There's a lego robot that plays connect four. The creator said after a hundred games, he could count the number of losses on one hand. He only mentioned children playing it, and I only saw pictures of children playing it.

New slogan for smokey the bear: Only you can prevent forest fires, so prevent them or die!!!

You know the commercial where that little girl and her mom are at a checkout counter? The mom says "and a pack of menthols please" and the little girl copies her. The mom just kinda looks around nervously, making it seem like she actually is going to buy her daughter the cigarettes, while the guy at the checkout line gives her a really dirty look! Why couldn't she just laugh and say "No, you can't have those, you're too young."

I had one more, but I forgot it while I trying to find where it said that kids came to play the lego robot...which I couldn't find!

Well...this is what happens when I'm really bored and at a new and very fast computer. If you read all of this, you need to find something better to do with your time.
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one test to go!

Tommarow's my last day of finals, and i'm just there, like i said, for an hour and a half then i can go home! I'm pretty sure i'm prepared for this one too. Not that i wasn't for the rest, just i was worrying about not remembering most of the stuff in history. I think i did well on most of my tests so far, especially math, where i think i got a perfect on it. I did the whole test, then, as soon as i write down the last question, the teacher says that the testing time is halfway over. I checked it over and did the math over again, and found 3 mistakes. So, i didnt just finish it and turn it in thinking it was all correct. The other tests i found easy, but that doesnt mean i aced them. Hopfully i got at least a B, an A would be nice though...
Today i took my digital electronic final and got 27/35. That i didnt check over. Anyways, i was done before the period was half over. Which is probably why i got that score. There was still 50 minutes left when he showed me my test and said i could go. So, seeing as if a teacher caught me wandering the hall i'd be yelled at, i stayed there and helped my friend on things he didn't get in assignments he didn't finish. When he was done and we left, there was 40 minutes left before the period was over. I wandered the halls for 10 minutes before i remembered i could go to the library and study for history.
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Semester finals tomorrow

The next three days are all testing days for me...the only good thing is that all the tests are spread over 3 days. They give you an hour and a half to complete each one. During the time teachers are checking tests, i don't have to be at school. So tomorrow i have english, then science, just under an hour of lunch, then math, and after that i can go home at 1:39. The next day I show up for digital electronics, i go to band and turn in my uniform, then either i can go home to stay till 2:29 to go to P.E. to make up a class to put me at a B instead of B- for the semester grade. If i go to P.E. I don't get to go home any earlier. The final day i show up for an hour and a half for world history then I'm done. Each test is either 15% or 20% of our grade. Fun.
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My community!!!

Chipmonk_cult! I just created it a little while ago, it was created out of boredom, but i decided to make a community out of it. Join it! You might find it funny, or demented. Whatever.
I need an artist/cartoonist to draw a spear weilding canibalistic chipMONK riding a trained squirrel...
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I forgot

I forgot, i created a cartoon character, and i will soon be making macromedia flash movies centering around it, once my dad gives me the software...
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(no subject)

So, i got out of school 1 hour early today, different from the normal 2 hour early releases on Wednesdays, but i have tomarrow and Friday off, so thats probably why.
There's nothing i really have to say, other than that not much has been going on in my life right now.
Oh, i thought i heard What's Up Spock playing on a movie clip on a talk show a few weeks ago...don't remember what movie...
I saw Borat a a week ago. Its not as funny as they advertised it to be, and it was really scaring during one scene. For those of you who have seen it, who know what scene i mean.
Someone in one of the online games i play held two stupid phrase contests...people were to message something stupid to him. The first one i sent was:
"I have cheese and squirrel infested rats are inhabiting my shoes." for this i was tied for winner...with a dude who said chicken...
I won the second one, but i dont remember what it was i said exactly...Thats all really, i just havent posted in a long time so i thought i would.
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