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Today! So today I was out in the opening of the resturaunt's parking lot. My grandpa and I shoveled the opening. The entire opening. My back hurts... Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I had like no sleep the night before. Went to sleep about 3 am, woke up at 9 stayed in bed until 11 just lying there, ate breakfast, and went out and worked. I felt sick the entire time. I also got to use the big heavy shovel!

I also have just noticed something. My two favorite authors are republicans. Whereas I consider myself a democrat.

OOH! I'm going to list all my accomplishments of the past week!

Got my spanish grade (F) up! To a D. Maybe a C...

Wrote 3 songs on the guitar. I remember two of them. No lyrics.

Beat guitar hero on expert.

Beat Derick's score on the two songs he's best at. He then came over and beat my scores.

Made a myspace.

Posted in Livejournal. (I don't think thats an accomplishment though)

Figured out how to put a video and music on my myspace page.

Changed the channel downward with the up button on the tv. Three times! Yea, I'm that good.

That's it. Comment if you actually read this!

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