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So, I went to Seven Oaks yesterday. For those of you who don't know, its a recreational park. It has skiing snowboarding ect. I went snowboarding. I fell. A lot. I fell three times on my right elbow. When I got home, I thought that was all that really hurt. WRONG! I woke up this morning, and my right elbow was about the only thing that DIDN'T hurt. The muscles in my arms hurt, my right knee, back, stomach, and neck all hurt. I can barely lift my pop my arms hurt so much. Thing is, somehow I hurt the muscles in such a way that lifting my pop from a sitting position hurts, but lifting my bag doesn't.

In other news... I just recently drove to Des Moines from Ames for the first time. It was... interesting.

Just saw No Country for Old Men. The Hannah Montana concert was going on in the theater next to us. See the thing is, No Country for Old Men has no music. So we could constantly hear the Hannah Montana music through the wall.

If you wanna watch some funny week-daily vids, check out GradualReport on YouTube. I, at least, find him funny. If you don't, well, just don't watch him then.

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