nainian (nainian) wrote,

A band? A possibility?

A band might actualy be a possibility for me. We have 2 possible singers, 2 definites for guitar, 2 possibilities for a drummer, and possibly a bass player. If the bass thing doesn't work out, the other guitarist could play pass. There's a few bugs to work out. Here's a list:

The only drummers we could think of are a senior and a guy in collage. They might not be interested for long.
I'll need to write more, or find someone who writes.
Derick has an amp, but its probably not loud enough to be heard over drums.
I don't know whether or not the possble bassist has an amp. Let alone a good one.
A practice place would be nice. Don't think my grandma would be O.K. with us practicing in her basement.
My guitar is still being bad...though I think changing strings MIGHT fix it.
Bassist would work on weekends.
He also might want to do rap or metal songs...

Eh, so its kind of a possibility. There's more problems, but I don't remember then right now.

In other news! I sent in that big long list of stupid into MTS. It was rejected. I was asked to repost the turkey one though. AND IT WAS ACCEPTED! I'm happy now.

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