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Well, it's me, actually posting. Nothing much is going on right now, and nothing really has been. Except, earlier this week I talked a runescape friend out of suicide. Though, I doubt she was really serious.

On a lighter note, we're reading Julius Caesar in english. Speaking of which, I do have to mock my teacher a bit. Like most teachers at my school, she doesn't seem to be able to figure out any technical devices, such as a dvd/vhs player. The first problem she had with it was that she couldn't find the right channel. Turns out, she forgot to press play on the dvd player and the screen saver had turned off.

The second time, she started messing with it for a few minutes, pressing random buttons ect. I'm sitting there trying not to laugh, when the class "genius" comes up. She couldn't figure out what was wrong either. I've almost burst at this point. Finally someone shouts, "Its not on!"

My grandma also decided to paint the basement floor. Instead of painting it the day I would be gone for the entire day, she paints it the day that I'll actualy be there most of the day. Couldn't be down in the basement for a few hours. I guess I can't blame her though, she didn't know I'd be home that early.

For a while, my G string kept randomly getting tight, and then randomly loosening. Finaly got it fixed, sorta. It still acts up. I'm talking about my guitar, get your mind out of the gutter. So, for a couple weeks I was without guitar. Not fun. Stupid G string...

In my careers class, we've been taking personality assessments. On the most recent one, you get a four letter code, and a sheet describing what it means. It was scary. My four letter code matched my personalitly almost exactly.

Well, thats about all that's interesting in my life right now. More then I thought I'd write. I'll try to post again this year. No promises.

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