Today! So today I was out in the opening of the resturaunt's parking lot. My grandpa and I shoveled the opening. The entire opening. My back hurts... Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I had like no sleep the night before. Went to sleep about 3 am, woke up at 9 stayed in bed until 11 just lying there, ate breakfast, and went out and worked. I felt sick the entire time. I also got to use the big heavy shovel!

I also have just noticed something. My two favorite authors are republicans. Whereas I consider myself a democrat.

OOH! I'm going to list all my accomplishments of the past week!

Got my spanish grade (F) up! To a D. Maybe a C...

Wrote 3 songs on the guitar. I remember two of them. No lyrics.

Beat guitar hero on expert.

Beat Derick's score on the two songs he's best at. He then came over and beat my scores.

Made a myspace.

Posted in Livejournal. (I don't think thats an accomplishment though)

Figured out how to put a video and music on my myspace page.

Changed the channel downward with the up button on the tv. Three times! Yea, I'm that good.

That's it. Comment if you actually read this!
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I now have a myspace. Can anyone tell me how to add a song to the profile? I figured out how to put a video on my profile, but I can't figure out how to put up a song...
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So, I went to Seven Oaks yesterday. For those of you who don't know, its a recreational park. It has skiing snowboarding ect. I went snowboarding. I fell. A lot. I fell three times on my right elbow. When I got home, I thought that was all that really hurt. WRONG! I woke up this morning, and my right elbow was about the only thing that DIDN'T hurt. The muscles in my arms hurt, my right knee, back, stomach, and neck all hurt. I can barely lift my pop my arms hurt so much. Thing is, somehow I hurt the muscles in such a way that lifting my pop from a sitting position hurts, but lifting my bag doesn't.

In other news... I just recently drove to Des Moines from Ames for the first time. It was... interesting.

Just saw No Country for Old Men. The Hannah Montana concert was going on in the theater next to us. See the thing is, No Country for Old Men has no music. So we could constantly hear the Hannah Montana music through the wall.

If you wanna watch some funny week-daily vids, check out GradualReport on YouTube. I, at least, find him funny. If you don't, well, just don't watch him then.
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A band? A possibility?

A band might actualy be a possibility for me. We have 2 possible singers, 2 definites for guitar, 2 possibilities for a drummer, and possibly a bass player. If the bass thing doesn't work out, the other guitarist could play pass. There's a few bugs to work out. Here's a list:

The only drummers we could think of are a senior and a guy in collage. They might not be interested for long.
I'll need to write more, or find someone who writes.
Derick has an amp, but its probably not loud enough to be heard over drums.
I don't know whether or not the possble bassist has an amp. Let alone a good one.
A practice place would be nice. Don't think my grandma would be O.K. with us practicing in her basement.
My guitar is still being bad...though I think changing strings MIGHT fix it.
Bassist would work on weekends.
He also might want to do rap or metal songs...

Eh, so its kind of a possibility. There's more problems, but I don't remember then right now.

In other news! I sent in that big long list of stupid into MTS. It was rejected. I was asked to repost the turkey one though. AND IT WAS ACCEPTED! I'm happy now.

Not from school this time.

A while ago my friend Derick and I went to Kum & Go. My friend tried to pay for his stuff using a half dollar and some other coins. The lady at the register wouldn't let him use the half dollar because she didn't know what it was.
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Here's another one....

In spanish class a girl is trying to translate a sentence.

Girl: *halfway through a sentence*Um...uh...
Teacher: You're look for a one letter word.
Girl: *blank stare*
Teacher: It starts with 'A'
Girl: *blank stare*
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Its a bird! Its an extrarestrial! Its a donkey! NO! Its a POST!

Its about time I wrote down all the stupidity that has gone on in my classes. This seems the best place to do so. Also, I would like to know your opinion of whether or not these could be accepted into mock_the_stupid.

In my world history class we were studying the French in North America. this is the conversation that took place:

Teacher: *after finishing ranting about Paris Hilton*So, can anyone tell me why the French came to America?
Girl: They wanted beavers!
Teacher: What for?
Girl: Um...To make their tipi's with!

Science class, the day before thanksgiving break, the girl in front of me was drawing a turkey:

Guy: Your turkey doesn't have a beak.
Girl 1: What?
Guy: Your turkey doesn't have a beak.
Girl 1: Huh? Turkeys have beaks?
Guy: Yes.
Girl 1: No...*turns to another girl* Do turkeys have beaks?
Girl 2: Yea, turkeys have beaks.
Girl 1:Really? No, turkeys don...wait, what are beaks? The little flabby thing?

After P.E. in American history class. The teacher had the windows closed, and everyone who just had P.E. was begging him to open one. He refused.

Girl 1: What if I get heat stroke and die, what then?
Girl 2: YEA! And then she'll sue you!

That's it for now, I have more, just can't remember it all. Also can't find my list from world history...Once I find it or remember more, I'll post them.

In other news, I was at Wal-Mart the other day, buying cloths for the concert that I needed to be at in an hour. In the checkout line I saw a transformers play shaving kit.

Well I'm done. I had more to say, but of course I don't remember it. Oh well.


Well, it's me, actually posting. Nothing much is going on right now, and nothing really has been. Except, earlier this week I talked a runescape friend out of suicide. Though, I doubt she was really serious.

On a lighter note, we're reading Julius Caesar in english. Speaking of which, I do have to mock my teacher a bit. Like most teachers at my school, she doesn't seem to be able to figure out any technical devices, such as a dvd/vhs player. The first problem she had with it was that she couldn't find the right channel. Turns out, she forgot to press play on the dvd player and the screen saver had turned off.

The second time, she started messing with it for a few minutes, pressing random buttons ect. I'm sitting there trying not to laugh, when the class "genius" comes up. She couldn't figure out what was wrong either. I've almost burst at this point. Finally someone shouts, "Its not on!"

My grandma also decided to paint the basement floor. Instead of painting it the day I would be gone for the entire day, she paints it the day that I'll actualy be there most of the day. Couldn't be down in the basement for a few hours. I guess I can't blame her though, she didn't know I'd be home that early.

For a while, my G string kept randomly getting tight, and then randomly loosening. Finaly got it fixed, sorta. It still acts up. I'm talking about my guitar, get your mind out of the gutter. So, for a couple weeks I was without guitar. Not fun. Stupid G string...

In my careers class, we've been taking personality assessments. On the most recent one, you get a four letter code, and a sheet describing what it means. It was scary. My four letter code matched my personalitly almost exactly.

Well, thats about all that's interesting in my life right now. More then I thought I'd write. I'll try to post again this year. No promises.
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